Arnica + Issue Management

Auto open tickets when issues are found. Auto close tickets when issues are resolved.
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Arnica + Issue Management


Eliminate security backlog bloat with Arnica’s issue management integrations that automate security ticket management for you. Arnica not only identifies risks and auto-generates context-rich tickets for risks left unaddressed, but also observes the mitigation of risks in real time and closes tickets to actively minimize your backlog and the effort it takes to manage it.

Arnica + Issue Management

Features & Benefits

Scan all code. Track all risks.
Arnica identifies all issues that are left unaddressed and auto-create tickets to be tracked and managed.
Rich risk context in every ticket
Provide a wide range of risk details to ensure that any developer that picks up the ticket has all the information they need to quickly and successfully mitigate the risk.
Custom secrets & code risks tracking
Easily create issues manually and automatically by utilizing Arnica’s highly configurable secrets and code risks policies.
Scan all code. Close mitigated risks.
Rather than manually resolving tickets for mitigated risks, which would still need AppSec validation, save time and effort by allowing Arnica to auto-close tickets when the mitigated code is merged to your important branch.
Reduce backlog bloat.
By auto-closing tickets for mitigated risks, your backlog will accurately reflect the current risk within your source code, rather than reflecting a mountain of stale tickets that may or may not have already been addressed.
Highly custom & flexible fields
Map string, integer or custom list typed fields from Arnica within your ticketing system to ensure finding details include every relevant piece of information.
The info you need, where you need
Route every ticket to the relevant destination. Split them by any condition, such as repository name, file path, scanner type, risk severity, fixability, and more.
Easily identify who can help
Arnica can provide details on who can help address a secret or code risk based on the activity within your source code management (SCM) platform and push that information into a ticket to ensure fastest possible resolution once picked up.
Provide context for every risk
Arnica pushes severity, risk type, CVE, depth, recommended fix versions, and more into every ticket to empower the developer to act swiftly and successfully mitigate the risk.
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