Behavior-Based Software Supply Chain Security

Arnica minimizes operational risk and optimizes cost for DevOps teams by enhancing security measures within the existing developer toolset

DevOps Governance

Identify deviations from  expected operational posture in the Software Supply Chain

Autonomous & Self-Service

Autonomous excessive permissions reduction to least privilege with self-service guardrails

Behavioral Anomalies

Identify anomalous behavior of each identity and code change to reduce security & operational risks

We bring Dev, Sec, Fin, and Ops together


Automatic code review for low risk changes reducing Pull Requests review fatigue


Identify Insider Threats and Account Takeovers in the Software Supply Chain


Identify license cost optimization opportunities


Reduce time and error for managing permissions and identify risky code changes before pushing them to production

The Community Talks

We live and breathe in the Developer, DevOps & Security communities. Our vision is informed by them. We cherish dialogue, feedback and engagement within those communities and we aim to always provide value in return.

59% want to simplify access management to developer tools

Top 1 security challenge for DevOps is identifying risky code changes before pushed to production

Trusted by

Jonathan Jaffe
"In this new era of CI/CD attacks, unfettered developer access to code is no longer acceptable. Arnica has increased our GitHub visibility, reduced our GitHub costs, and most importantly, automated key security actions which nearly eliminate the need for burdensome access reviews. We have tried other solutions, but even as a start-up, Arnica already provides a better solution than others. I think it's because of the quality of the team. They execute rapidly, and they seem to intuitively understand what customers need."
Idan Youval
VP of Product & Engineering
"As a long-standing R&D group, with multiple technologies and outsourced development groups, we face with a daily challenge of maintaining developer access to source code and protecting our IP. Arnica helps us control our access rights with simplicity and no overhead. It will play a significant role helping us pass our SOC2 certification."
Balaji Iyer
CEO of Tactical Edge & DevOps Influencer
"DevOps teams are measured by the value they provide to developers. To reduce incidents in production, DevOps teams can drive the quality of code reviews by alerting developers on risky code changes. I like how Arnica is supporting the DevOps agenda by providing a security functionality."
Ran Ribenzaft
Co-Founder & CTO
"Managing least privilege access for developers across tools is complex and introduces risks like insider threats and account takeovers.  Arnica's solution for access management simplifies the process and removes risks involved automatically."
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