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New Integration: Introducing Arnica’s Application Security for Bitbucket Users

We are thrilled to announce that Arnica, your trusted behavior-based application security platform, now integrates with both Bitbucket Cloud and Bitbucket On Prem. With these new integrations, Arnica becomes the first pipelineless security solution to offer real-time, in-line pull request comments and private security feedback to all Bitbucket users.

Real-Time Security for Over 15 Million Developers

Bitbucket, owned by Atlassian, is a leading source code management solution used by over 15 million developers worldwide. The Arnica integration empowers these developers to take control of their code’s security with ease and efficiency. Now, you can leverage a suite of advanced security scanning tools directly within your Bitbucket environment, including:

  • Static Application Security Testing (SAST): For deep code analysis to uncover vulnerabilities.
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Security Scanning: To validate the security posture of your infrastructure templates.
  • Software Composition Analysis (SCA): To identify vulnerabilities in third-party packages.
  • Hardcoded Secrets Mitigation: To prevent security risks associated with hardcoded secrets.
  • Third-Party Package Reputation Scanning: To ensure the reliability and security of external packages.

Pipelineless for Complete Coverage

By choosing a pipelineless approach, we are giving you 100% coverage of your development ecosystem from day one. Arnica performs real-time risk detection even before your code hits the CI/CD pipeline. This enables you to identify and tackle issues as they arise, without waiting for scheduled security scans or complicated setup procedures.

Developer-Centric Security

Arnica was designed with the developer experience in mind. Our platform directly integrates into your Bitbucket environment, ensuring your code is secure while maintaining development velocity. Through ChatOps integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams, Arnica keeps you updated about recent changes and risks associated with your code. Additionally, we provide automated one-click mitigation options for a wide variety of risk types, making it easier than ever to secure your applications.

Empowering Your Developer-Security Workflows

Apart from robust security capabilities, Arnica offers prioritization and product ownership tools, so you can take full control over your development workflow. Understand which vulnerabilities need immediate attention and assign ownership right within your Bitbucket environment.

A Word from Nir Valtman, Arnica CEO

“Bitbucket’s user base is growing rapidly, and we are ecstatic to offer an application security toolset that embeds flawlessly within their workflow, without affecting dev velocity,” says Nir Valtman, CEO of Arnica. “Bitbucket is a market leader in source code management that is continuously evolving. We are honored to extend our state-of-the-art security capabilities to all Bitbucket users.”

Get Started with Arnica + Bitbucket Today

Don’t let security concerns slow you down. With Arnica’s new Bitbucket integration, you can code with confidence. To learn more or to get started, visit our integration page.

Make your code more secure with Arnica and Bitbucket. Because security should never be an afterthought — it should be a first-class citizen in your development process.

Happy coding!

About Arnica

Enterprises today are faced with the need to harden their DevOps ecosystem to combat the proliferation of Software Supply Chain Attacks. These organizations are faced with the growing challenge of balancing development velocity, cost efficiency, and security.

Managing excessive developer permissions and identifying corresponding anomalous behavior are two obstacles in the way of establishing this equilibrium. Arnica was established to solve these obstacles by providing a seamless and frictionless active mitigation platform for exactly these issues and more. Arnica is the easy button for DevOps security.

Arnica analyzes excessive permissions, code risks and misconfigurations across the developer toolset and mitigates them.

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