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New Feature: Secret Detection & Mitigation | Arnica

Hardcoded secrets continue to pose a high risk to organizations’ operations and data. The longer these secrets remain in the development ecosystem, the higher the risk of compromise is, especially when the permissions to the source code repositories are excessive. Arnica solves the problem of pushing new hardcoded secrets by validating and mitigating them immediately. Arnica removes all traces of the secret and notifies the developer before the secret can sprawl throughout code or be used by bad actors.

What user pains exist?

Hardcoded secrets are a regular practice during local development and are often forgotten in the git history or feature branches when code is pushed, where they become liabilities to both the product and the business. These secrets become weapons when found by malicious actors and their exposure compounds the longer they remain within the source code ecosystem.  

Detecting secrets within pull requests is too late as they may be stored in the git history for a long enough period to be exposed to an adversary. To reduce this risk, detected secrets need to be rotated. However, by reducing access to the repository and the exposure time of these secrets, the rotation process can be avoided.  

What we built!

Arnica’s answer to secrets risks doesn’t just detect hardcoded secrets that were added historically, but it prevents the exposure of new hardcoded secrets in source code as they pushed. At integration, Arnica identifies secrets within your source code, validating each secret to ensure that only active secrets are displayed within your risk output. From that moment on, Arnica actively monitors code pushes for new hardcoded secrets, immediately notifies the pusher of the code and mitigates the hardcoded secret. The developer receives an automated notification through its native collaboration tool such as Slack or Teams, providing a one-click mitigation path that both removes the secret and rewrites any history that it ever existed.  

Proper mitigation of hardcoded secret exposure requires the complete removal of the exposed secret, immediately. Arnica’s patent pending solution ensures the fastest and most complete threat removal strategy to enforce a zero new hardcoded secrets policy.

About Arnica

Enterprises today are faced with the need to harden their DevOps ecosystem to combat the proliferation of Software Supply Chain Attacks. These organizations are faced with the growing challenge of balancing development velocity, cost efficiency, and security.

Managing excessive developer permissions and identifying corresponding anomalous behavior are two obstacles in the way of establishing this equilibrium. Arnica was established to solve these obstacles by providing a seamless and frictionless active mitigation platform for exactly these issues and more. Arnica is the easy button for DevOps security.

Arnica analyzes excessive permissions, code risks and misconfigurations across the developer toolset and mitigates them.

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