Introducing SecuriSlow™: Slowing Down Your Developers, Fast

Nir Valtman
CEO & Co-Founder
April 1, 2024
Nir is an experienced information & application security leader, most recently as VP security at Finastra and CISO at Kabbage. Nir is a frequent public speaker at leading conferences globally, including Black Hat, Defcon, BSides, and RSA.


In an era where speed and efficiency are often hailed as the pinnacles of software development, we at Arnica are thrilled to unveil our latest application security feature, SecuriSlow™. Buckle up as we guide you through this revolutionary tool that promises to take your development speed to new lows, ensuring security through obscurity and, frankly, sheer bewilderment.


The Genesis of SecuriSlow™

Our journey began with a simple realization: the faster developers push code, the harder it is for security professionals to keep up. So, we thought, why not slow down developers? With SecuriSlow™, we've embraced the philosophy that "to protect swiftly, one must proceed slowly" - a mantra that our development teams have, albeit reluctantly, adopted.

Key Features of SecuriSlow™

  1. Why wait for an actual vulnerability to slow down your development when you can have security gates that do it preemptively? Our patented Pre-Blocker Technology™ introduces new checkpoints at every conceivable step of your development process, ensuring that even the slightest hint of progress is meticulously examined and potentially halted. Whether it's a critical feature update or a minor typo fix, our security gates are there to make sure your developers have ample time to reflect on their life choices.
  2. These days, every developer uses AI to assist with coding, but only SecuriSlow™ offers the unique feature of AI-powered code commentary. Our CritiqueNet™ AI doesn't just help write code—it comments on the developers' original work, labeling it as 'suboptimal' and suggesting a complete rewrite. This ensures a continuous cycle of self-doubt and revision, significantly enhancing the quality of code by never allowing it to be deemed 'good enough.'
  3. Backdoor Generation for 3rd Party Package Vulnerabilities: Identified a vulnerability in a third-party package? SecuriSlow™ responds by generating alternative code that replicates the package's functionality. Here's the catch: we embed a little backdoor to ensure the developer reviews every line. Think of it as a hands-on learning experience in the importance of thorough code review.
  4. Social Media Enrichment via Hardcoded Secrets: Pushed a hardcoded secret to your code repository? Most tools would alert the security team and the developer. SecuriSlow™ goes a step further by automatically posting the secret on HackerNews and Reddit. The rationale? Speed up remediation through public exposure and embarrassment. Plus, is slows down the developer from producing new vulnerabilities.  

Why SecuriSlow™?

In a world obsessed with "moving fast and breaking things", we're here to remind you that sometimes, it's okay to just... break. With SecuriSlow™, we guarantee that your developers will be too bewildered to introduce any new vulnerabilities - mainly because they'll be too busy trying to understand what just happened to their codebase.

Embracing the Slow

As we roll out SecuriSlow™, we invite you to join us in celebrating this new chapter where speed takes a backseat to security (and, occasionally, to a good laugh). After all, in the grand tapestry of application security, isn't it better to be safe than speedy?

Remember, with SecuriSlow™, we're not just securing your applications; we're also securing a future where developers might just think twice before rushing out that next feature. Welcome to the age of SecuriSlow™: where slowing down your developers means ramping up your security.

Happy April Fools' Day!  

Remember, while security is no joke, there's always room for a little humor in the way we approach our work.


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