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Give your developer's AppSec super powers with Arnica's AI integrations.
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Arnica + AI


Provide a secure coding AI assistant for your developers using OpenAI ChatGPT or Azure OpenAI. Provide real-time code risk mitigation recommendations and ensure secure coding best practices. Arnica’s AI integrations allow customers to use their OpenAI and Azure OpenAI services to provide code samples in context with the findings and explain them that will mitigate the code risks.

Arnica + AI

Features & Benefits

Future-ready AI code assistance
AI code assistants will one day write secure code. Today is not that day. Arnica guides human developers toward a more secure code output.
AI support when you want it
Arnica allows the user to determine when to trigger recommendations rather than constantly bombarding developers with unwanted alerts.
Allow developers to re-generate recommendations
Review the recommendation provided by Arnica and decide if another iteration is needed. Arnica will generate another option for you in that case.
AI input only when wanted
Thoughtful policy configuration helps deliver AI generated input and recommendations at the right time, reducing your AI costs compared to execution on every finding.
Select your model
Arnica allows you to select between faster and cheaper models, which perform well, to more expensive and thorough models based on your budget.
Utilize your own AI processing agreements
Avoid extending your third-party AI processing risk by utilizing your existing contracts with 3rd party AI providers like OpenAI and Azure.
You own your models
Arnica isolates AI processing per company and allows each company to utilize their own models.
Detailed SAST & IaC recommendations
Provide developers with rich SAST & IaC findings that include a recommended code suggestion alongside an explanation about the suggested change compared the original vulnerable code.
Multiple vulnerability mitigation suggestions
Provide developers with code suggestions and the ability to regenerate suggestions to ensure the most suitable mitigation path.
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