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Feature Announcement: Anomalous Developer Behavior | Arnica

Development processes are faster and more complex than ever, making accurately monitoring the activity and committed code within your organization more difficult. Arnica’s automated anomaly detection improves oversight by flagging anomalous code commits and developer behavior, ensuring that close attention is paid at the right context and channel.

What user pains exist?

As development processes continue to prioritize speed and agility, code commits are increasing in both frequency and complexity, adding to the already large burden of properly reviewing and monitoring potentially malicious developer activity. The rigor and granularity required to accurately review code has never been higher, and each pull request that gets rubber stamped presents both operational and security  risks for malicious or abnormal activity to go undetected.  

Code commits frequently include comments that carry little or no context, and reviewers seldom have the time and knowledge required to completely audit all activity and code within each pull request.  

This leads to code review processes that fail to properly defend against malicious code and developer account takeovers.  

What we built!

Arnica’s approach to monitoring the development ecosystem goes beyond individual pull request reviews. At the time of integration, Arnica scans the historical activity of each developer and creates a behavioral profile. This profile is then used as a fingerprint, which is compared to all future activity in real time. Arnica’s anomaly detection models generate alerts when a user’s activity does not match their historical behavior, or when code is pushed that does not seem to belong to the  repository.  

Arnica’s continuous and automated solution ensures that any abnormal behavior is flagged, and a user or group of users is notified for secondary review. The notification is set as a policy and can be configured to instantly request push verification by the developer, to ensure they were the author, or notify a specified user or group of users for additional oversight.  

About Arnica

Enterprises today are faced with the need to harden their DevOps ecosystem to combat the proliferation of Software Supply Chain Attacks. These organizations are faced with the growing challenge of balancing development velocity, cost efficiency, and security.

Managing excessive developer permissions and identifying corresponding anomalous behavior are two obstacles in the way of establishing this equilibrium. Arnica was established to solve these obstacles by providing a seamless and frictionless active mitigation platform for exactly these issues and more. Arnica is the easy button for DevOps security.

Arnica analyzes excessive permissions, code risks and misconfigurations across the developer toolset and mitigates them.

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