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Arnica + Chat


Arnica integrates with Slack to super charge your permissions management abilities. If a developer pushes code to a repository they don’t have access to, they will be notified via Slack. Any permissions requests can be submitted via Slack as well. Arnica enables you to automate policy-based responses to permissions requests or flag requests for manual review.

Arnica + Chat

Features & Benefits

Zero new hardcoded secrets
Alerts every time a hardcoded secret is introduced by a push or pull request. Automated one-click mitigations ensure the secret is accurately and completely eliminated from the repository.
Stop code risks at the source (SAST)
Alert the developer when they introduce a new code risk on push or in a pull request. Each alert includes details to identify ownership and properly mitigate the risk.
Third-party vulnerability alerts (SCA)
Instantly receive notifications detailing introduced vulnerabilities when a new package or version is added to your code. Know exactly which version to upgrade to and the level of effort associated with the upgrade.
Gain access without waiting
Get access to repositories and assets when you need it. Permissions requests are as easy as typing “/arnica” into chat.
Policy driven provisioning
Automatically accept permissions through preset policies or push requests to a specified channels for admins to review in real time.
Let developers develop
Real-time permission requests and provisioning reduce time spent waiting on tickets and increase development velocity.
Manage your backlog
Easily request a prioritized list of risks you are responsible thorough chat.
Full visibility
Gain full visibility into context, risk level, and mitigation actions through magic links sent directly via chat.
Secure your developer accounts
Receive alerts when Arnica identifies potential anomalies in your account’s behavior or activity.
Verify your identity
With one click, confirm your activity or alert the security team to potential account takeover activity.
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